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Ava Ann Connor - Williams Syndrome Diagnosis

Posted on 18 December 2016

Meet Ava.  She's 14.5 Months in this picture and obviously loving life!  We're on a mission to spread awareness about this rare genetic disorder that effects only about 20,000 lucky people in the US.  When we first heard the news 12/9/16 I thought our life was ending.  I wept on the floor for hours, made myself physically sick & was sent to bed at 5 o'clock feeling as though I was dying.  All of the dreams I had for Ava were shattered.  The future wouldn't be as I envisioned it.  And what I was excited for had ended before it even started.  Fast forward just a short week later & I can't even believe it myself, but I'm slowly starting to have feelings that this MAY just be the beginning...the beginning of a beautiful life with a meaningful purpose - something I also, have always wanted.  New visions are being dreamed, new futures are making me excited again and life may just be a little bit better than I could have every dreamt up myself.  We were so blessed to be given Ava & we can't wait to share her story (& others' stories) with you on this page...

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