Garden Markers for the #GrowLoveChallenge

What is the Grow Love Challenge?  It's kind of like a grassroots movement; a creative way to get society to fall in LOVE with different - or those labeled "special needs."  It's a new twist on "spreading awareness" and I want YOU to be part of it!

To summarize, the Grow Love Challenge is tied to our community on social media: @BeautifulConditions on Instagram and "Beautiful Conditions Stories" on Facebook).  Our community is made up of all types of families, from all parts of the world, who have all types of beautiful children with varying "special needs."  

Our common goal is to grow LOVE for our kids. That's right...not just "acceptance"; not just "inclusion", but good old LOVE!  Of the hundreds of families that I've talked to in these last 9 months since receiving my daughter's diagnosis of Williams Syndrome, they have all said the same basic wish - to have their child be seen as an equal in society.  They want to know that their child is loved and wanted; valued and respected, just as they personally feel towards them.

Together, we simply want society to show compassion, kindness and love for our "differently-abled" children.  And so became the idea of the #GrowLoveChallenge and these Garden Markers.  This is a new and fun way for us to "raise awareness."  We are teaming up and joining forces to spread Garden Markers all across the world!  And our hopes are to get whomever may find them, to take the Challenge and pledge their commitment to LOVE us! What exactly is their Challenge?

The Challenge is simple; to just follow our community on social media.  Socially we will share our thoughts, hopes, dreams, accomplishments, joys, conquers - all the good stuff we (& our differently-abled kiddos achieve)!  By focusing on the positives, the happy sides of our sometimes complex lives - I believe we can shift societies thinking about us.  I truly believe we can win them over by our endearing posts, our stories of triumph and perseverance, joy and happiness!  I believe that over time, the more they see us and read about us - the more they'll open up and LOVE us!  I truly believe that it can be that simple in today's day and age.  We really can win society over, and make them fall in love with "different."  So if you're ready to be apart of a fun, new way, to "raise awareness" - join our team!  Plenty already have and you WANT to be part of this!  Don't miss out!  Let's give it a shot, what do we have to lose?  Let's raise awareness TOGETHER, collectively...despite our children's different diagnoses!  AND...let's do it in a FUN, NEW, and completely DIFFERENT way - hiding Garden Markers across the World!  I can't wait to have you on our team!

"Spread Kindness.  Grow Love."

Garden Marker - Anna Sikes
$ 9.97