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20% of Be Kind Sales Donated to WSA!

What is Beautiful Conditions?

What is Beautiful Conditions?

Beautiful Conditions is devoted to sharing the real stories and real lives of special needs individuals and families, who clearly "outshine their label." It is my hope that you will be moved beyond measure as you read these inspiring posts, written by real parents who pour their hearts out, and share incredible stories of hope, compassion, kindness, love, and everything in between.  Their raw and sometimes fragile feelings about life as a special needs parent; about their children who make our world a more beautiful place; will leave you feeling inspired, happy, motivated, and connected in our busy world.

I truly hope you follow along on Facebook, or through our matching Instagram Page - and ideally both!  And by all means, spread the word!  Share our Page!  Let's connect and learn from each other! Let's spread knowledge and grow love!  Let's embrace the BEAUTY of our diverse world, and learn about all of those who are "differently abled."  I can promise you that you'll truly discover that though we are all unique and different - we're still all very much alike too.  When you start to open up your heart to the world, you will feel much more complete as a person. At least I do; and I hope you join the movement with me!  

What is Outshine Labels?

Outshine Labels is a clothing brand & online boutique selling products for ALL; regardless of any "labels" that society may give you.  Our designs are original, and made in the USA. Outshine Labels is owned by myself, Jessica Connor, a wife and mom to two beautiful daughters; the younger one of which has Williams Syndrome.
15% of our profits will go towards helping special needs individuals pay for therapies not covered by health insurance.  Whether it be Music Therapy, Hippotherapy, or ABA Therapy - we want to make sure our kids have access to whatever therapies they need, to become the best that they can be!