Garden Marker - Ruby

$ 9.97

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Be apart of the movement!  Fall in love with those labeled "special needs."  

The Grow Love Challenge is a challenge to pledge your support for those who are considered "special needs."  This custom made Garden Marker is etched on 100% biodegradable wood and doesn't harm the environment.  Due to the graining of the wood, no two are exactly alike. Show your support for this child, their family, their condition, and the entire "special needs" community by purchasing a Garden Marker in their honor.

How does the Grow Love Challenge work?  What do I do with it?

The directions are printed on the Garden Marker itself, but to sum it up you simply do the following:

  1. Like & Follow our Beautiful Conditions community on Instagram and/or Facebook
  2. Snap a Selfie of yourself with the Garden Marker when you find (or perhaps hide) it. Then simply post that picture publicly to Facebook or Instagram stating: "I accept the #GrowLoveChallenge..."  
  3. If you found the Garden Marker, you are to re-hide it somewhere new & fun so that others can take the Grow Love Challenge! You can even post a clue of where you hide it next, and challenge your friends and family to find it! 

This movement is a fun, new twist on "spreading awareness."  You definitely want to be apart of this!  Another important point?  

By purchasing these Garden Markers you are not only pledging your support to our community - but you are also financially supporting this child & their current financial needs. That's right!  This family will receive a generous percentage of your purchase to use towards whatever they wish; but it's not all about that.  What else is it about?  

By purchasing this child's Garden Marker, you are also being a true supporter of what matters so much to this family and their child - the gift in knowing that people care & LOVE them. They don't just simply want people to "accept" their child - or "include" them...they want them to simply love them!  They want others to get to know their child's personality, and witness the love and lessons about life that they have to share.  This family; like so many others in the special needs world, want those that they love, to help them advocate that their children are valuable, respected and cherished members of our communities.  

On behalf of this family, and the creator of this movement - I can't thank you enough for supporting this family and the Grow Love Challenge.  The world can be a better place with you on our side. We look forward to having your help in achieving our dreams, which is to simply have a world that wholeheartedly LOVES us!