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 Meet Robert + Chace Selby.  You might have seen this picture of them from a few years back when it went viral?

Chace was born with congenital heart defects and underwent two life saving open heart surgeries to repair his heart.  He's been on a feeding tube ever since which helps nourish his body and gain weight.

Robert works full-time as a security guard and in his off time you can find him with his best friend and son, Chace.  Robert's caring, involved, and an all around good guy - the type of father you'd want for your child.

Their viral post and genuineness also caught the attention of Bryce Dallas Howard, an actress and filmmaker who featured their strong bond in her new documentary titled Dads, on Apple TV+.

I watched the movie and LOVED it!  It's where I learned more about Robert + Chace's lives and let me tell you...it's not the easiest.

So the other day, when I saw Robert's instastory that his MacBook Pro died, and how it'd "be awhile" until he could post new videos, I got an idea!  And it involves YOU!

You see, I can't amplify Robert and Chace's story without content. Robert can't make content without a computer.  So what if this community, Outshine Labels could come together to get him a new laptop?!?!

Think about it - how amazing would it feel to contribute a little bit of money today to an amazing father like Robert, who's trying his hardest to create a good life for his son?  How great would it feel to know YOU were part of making it happen?  I can already start to feel it, and it feels SO good!!!  

So will you help me?  Will you donate to Robert + Chace?  You can donate as little as $5 and on up!  You guys have shown me your support time and time again, you've believed in my crazy ideas before and I'd love for you to believe in this one now - because Robert truly needs our help.

All the money raised will go directly to Robert!  Once you're done donating, share about it on social media.  Find my posts on Instagram and Facebook and share them, ask others to join in on this!  I've never had a post go viral before, but this would be an excellent time to do so!  Let's GO team @outshinelabels!!!