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PonyCycle — Zebra


The PonyCycle Magical Riding Zebra will be your child's favorite toy - hands down.  It's a toy we here at Outshine Labels wish was around when we were younger!

It truly is a toy that will last forever, and can be passed down through generations.  This heavy duty mechanical zebra is engineered to perfection.  The rollerblade-like wheels are smooth and slick, and the turning radius on this thing will shock you.  The pumping action your child has to do in order to make this thing go is so rewarding for them and simply down right FUN.  Ride it both inside and outside, on any smooth surface such as concrete, hardwood floors, tile, etc.  One great bonus?  Exercise!  Get that little one to love exercise by giving him a PonyCycle Riding Pony!

We seriously can't say enough about this toy and guarantee you'll love it too.  100% Guarantee.  It's an heirloom toy that you'll have forever - we know because we have one ourselves.  Kids of all ages absolutely love it - and we may or may not have taken the Medium Size Pony version for a spin on our own...  

To briefly summarize

PonyCycle Zebra's come in two sizes:  Small & Medium.  Small holds up to 55 pounds, while Medium holds up to 90 pounds.   

More Details, Video, FAQs

Please click here to watch a cute video showing these Zebras & Ponies in action and read our FAQ to understand which size you should choose before you make your final pick!  As always, any other questions please don't hesitate to Contact Us!