(3) reasons why we chose...

(3) reasons why we chose...

Shop to Support!     (3) reasons why we chose Montessori School for Ava, (in no particular order):⁣

1.) Dr. Carolyn Mervis (whose research study Ava is in), recommended that this method of teaching was GREAT for kiddos with Williams syndrome. ⁣

2.) A little more free, or less structure - not sure the best way to describe it, (as we’re still learning the Montessori method ourselves), but we like that a child’s interest and curiosities is what leads the direction on what they learn. Believe it or not, but Ava can be VERY stubborn and will adamantly refuse to do things when she feels like you’re trying to teach her something - even if it’s something that she enjoys doing. So we like the indirect approach and think it will help Ava learn.⁣

3.) She’s outside learning the majority of the day, in Mother Nature, (even more so once the heat dies down in flaming hot Arizona! 🏜). The school also has chickens to tend to every day, and that is probably the BEST part of Montessori school if you were to ask Ava! ⁣

Good luck to all the kiddos starting school this year, and to all the mom’s and dad’s having an extra hard time sending them off too. I feel you and you’re definitely not alone in your worries and fear! One day at a time, right? PS. Shoutout to Dad who packs Ava’s healthy lunch seen in the last picture. 👏🏼❤️
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