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When Millie entered our lives 3 years ago, we were shocked and terrified to learn she had Down syndrome. But we soon realized Down syndrome was nothing to fear and we have been compelled to share our story ever since on Instagram @makingmilliestones.

Millie Geib from @MakingMillieStones wearing Duuude design inspired by her. Shop it on Outshine Labels where 60% of the profits go to Millie!

Dude, our dog, was Millie’s first word, and the way she says it — “Duuude” — has made people smile all over the world! 

Millie brings us so much light and happiness and we are blessed to have her in our lives. Each month, Millie Geib's family will be donating a portion of their profits to an organization within the Down Syndrome community. Our hope is the merch will get people talking and bring awareness to the fact that a Down Syndrome diagnosis doesn’t have to be scary, because afterall....“Duuude, it’s just an extra chromosome!”

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