A note to my daughter

A note to my daughter

A note to my daughter: “So grateful for all the things you've taught me, especially the things you've taught me about love. You don't know how great of a teacher you are, but you change lives with grace as simple as sharing that beautiful smile on your face. I can't promise you much, but I promise I'll love you unconditionally through all of life’s challenges. So grateful I get the opportunity to be your Dad. 🤟🏻” - @alvanandsaige 

Maisy is SO lucky to have a Dad like you, Brad! I can’t imagine it’s easy to be a single dad, especially during these times of the Coronavirus pandemic. Keep up the important job you have of loving her the way you do, and life will continue to turn out great for both of you! ❤️ 

My family had the great opportunity to meet sweet Maisy and her Dad in person over Christmas break! Scroll right to see our meet up at our place! (Ava in the background 😂)

Also - make sure you head to Maisy and Brad’s page to follow them AND checkout Brad’s Instastories to learn ASL! He does quick little Word of the Day videos that I’m sure you’ll find really helpful! @alvanandsaige

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