And……just like that, she’s off!...

And……just like that, she’s off!...

Shop to Support!     And……just like that, she’s off! Kindergarten/Primary school, here comes Ava!⁣

I have so many things racing through my mind about this moment in time and I guess I’m just overall praying that we made the right decision for Ava, and that everything works out.⁣

I hope we chose the best teaching method for her to thrive in, I hope we chose the best school and teachers to spend 35 hours a week of her life with, and I hope we don’t turn around between now and whenever it’s time for her to get the vaccine, wishing that we would have held out just a little bit longer.⁣

But most of all, I hope her teachers and classmates fall in love with her and are thankful that she’s in their class with them. This will be the first time her school has ever had anyone with disabilities before, and I just hope she doesn’t get kicked out for being too much for them to handle.⁣

So that’s where I’m at friends. An anxious mess over here counting down the minutes before we can pick her up. In times like this I wonder: “why didn’t anyone ever tell me how crazy this parenthood life was?” It’s so much harder than anyone ever let on!⁣

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A beautiful little girl named Ava, with curly light brown hair pulled back with white barrettes on each side of her sweet face. Ava has a big smile as she’s posing for her first day of school in front of bright green ficus trees in her backyard. She’s wearing her school uniform, which includes navy blue shorts paired with a bright white polo that will surely come home filthy dirty today and from this point on, she’ll only be dressed in dark polos that hid dirt better. ⁣

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