Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness

Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness

Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness Month was in July, but just because it’s August doesn’t mean we have to stop sharing important posts like this. ♥️ A few words from Tayler; Liam’s Mama:

“I just wanted to get something off my chest about something that recently happened. ⠀

There are many IG accounts that share Liam’s photo on their page, I don’t normally mind because they ask permission first & are helping spread awareness. But lately I’ve had many accounts share without asking. One account took a before and after picture of Liam & put the caption “be who you are, always”. I thought it was sweet of them to write that. I try to read all comments on my IG and others that post Liam’s pictures. I was completely heartbroken and furious when I came across one certain comment... One woman commented saying that how dare we change his appearance and that the caption was contradicting because we didn’t allow Liam to be himself because we “changed his appearance” and that he can no longer be himself because of us. There were many people that agreed with her. To be honest, I cried. I can’t believe people think this about my husband and I.

After talking to my husband about it I realized what is there to be mad for? As much as I try to educate and advocate for Liam, you will always have people like this that will say these things. This just proves my point that people aren’t educated on cleft lip and palate, they don’t understand why our babies NEED these surgeries.⠀

I would have never ever change his appearance if I didn’t have to. While I love his new smile, I miss his cleft smile more than anything in this world. I was completely heartbroken. But Liam has to have these surgeries to better his life. ⠀

I realize some don’t care to be educated on cleft lip and palate and that’s totally fine! But please think before you say these things because on the other side of the screen there is a heartbroken mama whose child you are talking about.” - @thestorybehindtwosmiles .

♥️ To educate yourself on why those with cleft palate NEED the surgeries they endure; give Tayler and Liam a follow today @thestorybehindtwosmiles ♥️ as well as leave your questions below!
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