10 facts about Cooper

10 facts about Cooper


1. Cooper just wants everyone to be happy! He is super sensitive to people's emotions. He will get very sad if he see that others are sad or crying, but brightens up as soon as he sees them smile.

2. Cooper does not like to nap. He is way too curious and doesn’t like to miss out on anything! But lucky for his Mommy and Daddy, he has always slept 12-15 hours at night, and wakes up every morning with a big smile on his face. 

3. He absolutely loves to hang upside down like a little monkey, or be tossed into the air (he knows he will never fall, mommy or daddy will always catch him). His face brightens up with a huge smile!

4. Cooper was born on American Independence Day, three weeks early and very eager to meet us.

5. Cooper is blessed with one cousin (so far), 4 Aunties, 3 Uncles, and 2 sets of Grandparents that love him so very much!

6. Cooper has a puppy named Topher! He loves to watch him and get wet slobbery kisses from him.

7. Cooper is obsessed with rap music! His Daddy plays it for him, and he loves to dance with him and move to the beat.

8. Cooper has the pout to rival all pouts (seriously the best). It makes everyone laugh and say "Awwwwwww"!! But his smiles and laughs are still the best, they light up his whole face, and are so contagious. His dramatics are the funniest —going from smiling to grumpy in a matter of seconds.

9. Nothing brings a smile to his face quicker than seeing his mommy.

10. Cooper is a blabber mouth! Recently, he has really found his voice, and loves to talk (and when I say talk, I mean babble, squeal and yell), especially when other people are talking! He thinks his stories are the most important. (They probably are haha).


“Cooper has brightened up our lives in more ways than one! He brings so much joy to everyone he meets, and we couldn’t imagine life without him." - @more.to.life_more.to.love


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