99% of people with Down Syndrome are happy with their lives

99% of people with Down Syndrome are happy with their lives

I had the chance to ask a series of questions to this little girl's Mama. Both she and her daughters are FULL of beauty!


In your opinion, what are the top misconceptions people have about Down Syndrome? 

People with Down Syndrome don’t have a DISability. They just have a different ability, and their ability is amazing.

Because of their low muscle tone, they have to work SO much harder to do everything that neuro-typical people might be taking for granted. My girl has been working every week, every day, going to medical appointments, going to therapy appointments, just to reach the milestones that might come naturally to most toddlers, and she works through it all with a smile (most of the time!).

Every person with Down Syndrome that I have met so far has had an incredible attitude, and a wonderful outlook on life. Their families can’t tell you enough about the joy and happiness that their Down Syndrome child/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/cousin brings to them. We certainly experience it on a daily basis with our girl. The way she spreads joy and brings smiles to the people around her is a very special talent.

Do you know that studies have shown that 99% of people with DS are happy with their lives, 97% like who they are, 96% like how they look, and 99% express love for their family? Now isn’t that just an incredible population that we can probably all learn from? Down Syndrome is not a disability, it’s an amazing ability of persistence, perseverance, and positivity."


- Nao, @rightnao 

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