10 facts about Charlie

10 facts about Charlie

1.) Our curly tops started walking at Christmas.

2.) He started sleeping through the night at 20 months.

3.) He loves music and you can stop almost any tantrum with the "5 Little Ducks" song. 

4.) He loves cuddling, and if you request kisses he puts his head down for you to kiss his forehead.

5.) He loves food, when he is sick creamed corn is our go to!

6.) He was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 6 weeks.

7.) Charlie's had (2) Hernia Operations

8.) Charlie has (5) regular doctors/therapists, and we see one a week on average.

9.) Charlie loves iPhones, iPads, anything with buttons that he can press!

10.) Charlie's new word is "bubbles!!"


- Charles's mom, Brooke

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