Dwarfism Awareness

Dwarfism Awareness

“I am really thankful for those who are following along on our journey and continually sending love and prayers our way as we navigate the loss of Zac. Many of you have been around for awhile, but there are also a lot of new faces. For the last 3 years a big message on my page is educating others about dwarfism in honor of my son. Before Everett came into our lives, I didn’t have any personal experience with dwarfism or all of the stereotypes and ignorance surrounding the diagnosis. I have found more people than not have no exposure to dwarfism, so it has been an incredible experience to educate and advocate in an effort to eliminate the taboo stigmas.

I will start with a couple of the quick facts:
+ Everett was born with Achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism, there are over 200 types.

+ 80% of people born with dwarfism come from average height parents and it is caused by a random genetic mutation.

+ 1 in 26,000-40,000 births

The entire month of October is Dwarfism Awareness month, with the specific day being (today) October 25th. Although I am always an advocate for educating others on dwarfism online and in person, I typically spend a little more concentrated time during this month. I also had the honor of recording with one of my dear friends @nichols_taylor on her incredible podcast, Speak Life, to talk about dwarfism and more…(find a link to it on Kelly’s page).” 💚💚💚 🦁- @hellokellystuckey

If you haven’t already, go shower this incredible Mama with lots of love today, and everyday. @hellokellystuckey is truly a wonderful soul that we can all learn from in this lifetime...in more ways than one. ♥️ And of course her son, Everett is so handsome too! I could just eat him & his cute curls up! 🦁 Couldn’t you? 😍
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