Embrace your journey - Gracie Chavez

Embrace your journey - Gracie Chavez

Meet Gracie! She's a young adult living with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Gracie is bright and bubbly, with a smile brighter than the sun! Gracie is a super talented floral designer from Ohio and interns for The 22q Family Foundation!

Her new design 'Embrace your Journey' is inspired by her love of all things floral and boho.


Hello everyone!! My name is Graciela but you can call me Grace for short. My collection started with an idea to raise awareness for the 22q Family Foundation.

My story began years ago, but my journey isn't over! I like to say “This is my journey and I have learned to love every bit of the ups and downs.”

I have 22q and thought not only can I raise awareness but also give back to a foundation that is so close to my heart. I’m donating the profits from my collection to The 22q Family Foundation.

three polaroid frames. polaroid one: gracie's embrace your journey tote bag on a bicycle. polaroid two: selfie of gracie wearing a white embrace your journey shirt. Polaroid three: gracie and her neice and nephews at a pumpkin farm.


Gracie’s metaphor for life is the semicolon. A visual cue encouraging you to keep going no matter what setbacks life hands you. Can you spot the semicolon in Gracie’s design?


The story of the semicolon in literature, is a thought that is not yet finished -- that the writer can continue on at some point after they use it.

This is how I see things in my life. My story isn't over yet, it's just beginning! Together we can make a difference, raise awareness and look for the semicolon in life!

Gracie gets 70% of the profits from every sale and she’ll be donating it all to The 22q Family Foundation!

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