“Hi everybody! My name is...

“Hi everybody! My name is...

Shop to Support!     “Hi everybody! My name is Morgan Jane Starkman. When I was born, I had Williams Syndrome. My parents didn’t know about it until I was 22 months old. My parents were very concerned. ⁣

When I was a cute little baby, my grandma Norma and my grandpa Bernie held me in their arms. I also remember my aunties, uncles and cousins were at the hospital. They were very happy I was born.⠀⁣

When I was a little kid we used to have Disney themed parties, because I love Disneyland (and still really do!) ⁣

I have very curly hair and hazel eyes. I have a quick wit and I am very funny and sometimes I can be very sassy and that’s just who I am. ⁣

When I was in elementary school, it was very hard. I had to make new friends and meet new teachers. The hardest part was I didn’t feel accepted and they didn’t have any experience with a person with Williams Syndrome.⠀⁣
I can remember going to special classes like speech therapy and occupational therapy, aka “OT.” The hard things were math and fine motor skills, like writing. ⁣

I am a really good speller, I can read and I can make people feel very good inside. ⁣

Right now I live with my parents and my brother when he is home from college and my two adorable dogs. Sometimes I need help, but I am working on my independence. ⁣

Some day I would love to work as a hostess at True Foods Kitchen. Some day I would love to live with my boyfriend or live in an apartment with other young women my age. For now I am happy where I am at.⠀⁣
My fears are missing my parents and people not accepting me for who I am. I love having #WilliamsSyndrome, I love my family, I love my boyfriend and I love having an amazing life!" - Morgan Jane @morganjanestarkman⁣

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