“I remember when I was...

“I remember when I was...

Shop to Support!     “I remember when I was a teenager, I was getting ready to have a big surgery that would hopefully be the last surgery for me in relation to the syndrome I was born with to improve my mobility.

The surgery consisted of several years of planning but when it was performed it ultimately didn’t cultivate the results that were needed. It took another few years until I was in college, to try a different method of surgery. In between that waiting period, it was so annoying, I was ready to be done with the constant medical visits. When the second try of the surgery happened, it was a success.

It took time, I healed, but the outcome came out exactly as needed. I share this because lately I’ve been sitting in the uncomfortable nature of how we can desire certain things, receive them but then can sometimes get upset on how we received them.

Sometimes they’ll be messy, they might take longer than we anticipated and when we become frustrated with the process, we can sometimes be frustrated when the results we desire come to surface. The results though, are present and even if the process didn’t “go your way” the outcome still sometimes can.

Sending love 🧡” - @barryleeart

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