Inclusion is important!

Inclusion is important!

“Inclusion is important!! The teal pumpkin (seen in picture 2) is important!!! Want to know why?????

Every year, for the last 5 Halloween’s I have felt a huge amount of anxiety around the holiday! Not only does Theodore HATE costumes, he doesn’t understand the hype or excitement of this holiday.

I fear people don’t understand why Theodore can’t say “trick or treat” or can’t give them a clear “thank you”. I fear they won’t accept the fact that sometimes he doesn’t want them to talk to him, or why he won’t grab candy himself. I’m not sure they will understand why he doesn’t have a “favorite candy” because he can’t and won’t eat candy! Some seasons and holidays are harder than others and this one is hard!

Theodore will be carrying THIS TEAL PUMPKIN!!! This pumpkin (for us) symbolizes inclusion and Theodore will be carrying this pumpkin, because he is UNIQUE and I want to share that with the WORLD! I want to teach others about our world and I believe this is a start for others to include those that are unique. I want them to be kind, to see his positive attributes, to understand why he won’t be celebrating Halloween like a “traditional” child. I want everyone to include him and others like him on this holiday.

So if you see a child with this bucket be understanding, be kind, include them even if it means stepping outside of your comfort zone, because let me tell you they are outside of theirs. 💙

Also, we will be doing the #tealpumpkinproject at our own house and it will include lots of NON edible goodies for everyone to enjoy!! Because, who doesn’t love a little something different?!?! You can find these (teal) pumpkins ANYWHERE cheap! Purchase one for your child to carry AND sit them outside for your trick or treaters. This pumpkin symbolizes inclusion and that you too will have alternative treats! They will be soo excited you cared!! Happy Halloween!” 🎃 Xoxo 💋@mamareportingtoduty .

Great post @mamareportingtoduty 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Be sure you go follow this sweet family today! 💙 And take her advice! 
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