Jessica, Blayne, Stella & Ava Connor of Outshine Labels (Camping)

Introduction time, again! Hello, New Followers!

Hi guys! We were camping for a week and took a break from posting. Since we have a few more followers, I thought now was a good time to introduce myself again.⁣

My name is Jessica Connor, and I started this account back in Dec 2016, shortly after my youngest daughter Ava was diagnosed with a rare condition called Williams Syndrome.⁣

When I didn’t find a lot of families exactly like mine, I branched out and found all types of families who were raising children with disabilities.⁣

I realized how much we had in common with each other; despite our children’s different diagnosis’.⁣

It led me to believe that the disability community as a whole, can make so much more progress if we work together more.⁣

It helped me realize that: “Inclusion starts with US!” We can’t expect inclusive treatment for our kiddos, without first doing it amongst ourselves.⁣

It helped me understand what “spreading or raising awareness” really meant to me, and that’s this: it’s more important that society loves my child for all of who she is - than learning every.little.single.thing about her condition.⁣

From the start, I’ve always encouraged families like mine to share posts about their child; who they are as a person. To post about the beautiful life lessons they learn from them - to share their journey...all in hopes to help others 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 what it’s like to have a child with disabilities...because once you 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 it, the more you understand the beauty.⁣

I believe that the more of us sharing our lives - the more we (indirectly) teach others just how beautiful “different” is.⁣

Last thing is this: I’ve always been an entrepreneur, but Ava helped me realize how much of a social entrepreneur I am.⁣

I want to help families share their stories 𝗮𝗻𝗱 help them get paid to do it. I’ve slowly been creating a Marketplace for us - and when you shop our stores on @outshinelabels, you can do so knowing that the majority of the profits go back to the families (& nonprofits too!)⁣

It’s a lot to summarize, I could go on and on...but thank you for following this community called Outshine Labels! We want you to become a disability advocate along with us! - Jessica, Blayne, Stella & Ava

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