"I have come to take in Savannah's diagnosis as a blessing."

"I have come to take in Savannah's diagnosis as a blessing."

Is this not the happiest Minnie Mouse you've ever seen?!?!

"Savannah is what I like to call my miracle baby. My husband went through leukemia and had chemo & radiation. He's in great health now. However we were not sure if we would ever be able to have kids after all his cancer treatments.

Thankfully we got pregnant and had our sweet baby girl; Savannah.

She was a very small baby 4lb 13oz, but one of the strongest willed little girls l. I started noticing around a year that she wasn't meeting her developmental goals. The week before her second birthday I received a call from the Doctor regarding her genetic test. They told me she had Williams Syndrome. 

Before I even googled it, my heart sank that my little girl had a condition and that she was going to have lots of Doctor appointments. But, after meeting with all of the specialists and learning so much, I have come to take in Savannah's diagnosis as a blessing.

She truly is the happiest loving girl ever. She wakes up with a smile and goes to sleep with one. She never judges and says 'Hi' to everyone. She can brighten anyone's day. I have come to appreciate the smaller things in life. To take one day at a time and to enjoy everything.


A diagnosis does not define you. I treat Savannah as a normal 2 year old. Williams Syndrome does not define her. She is her own individual who likes things her own way and is learning things in her own way."


- Suzanne

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