Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Shop to Support!     It’s Down Syndrome Awareness Month and this is our beautiful friend Ivy! Here’s a post written by her mother, Lindsay.⁣

“I can truly say that Ivy has touched the hearts of our entire community. She has changed perceptions from day one. ⁣

When I got Ivy's diagnosis I worried about how she might negatively impact her siblings. I couldn't have been more wrong. She has made them better. They adore her and the feeling is mutual. I love watching them cheer her on. They are growing up seeing disability as just a part of life that makes them happy. They are learning that a person's worth isn't measured by ability and that we are all more alike than we are different! ⁣

One of the most amazing things I got to witness was how she changed my grandfather's ideas about disability. He fell so completely in love with her and realized just how capable and amazing people with Down syndrome are. Their too short relationship is one I will treasure in my heart forever. ⁣

Ivy has changed me too. She has opened my eyes to the beauty in every moment. She has taught me that hard things can be beautiful. She shows me how to show up and persevere even when things are hard. She has made me judge less and love more. ⁣

Anybody who has the chance to know Ivy is better because of it.” - @myincredibleivy 💕⁣

Image shows a little girl named Ivy, sitting on a mountain top and smiling big as she wears a white t-shirt with a sun on it and the words: Spread Joy. This design was inspired by her story and 60% of the profits from it’s sales goes to her family who is hoping to adopt a sibling with Down syndrome. Shop to support Ivy’s family on @outshinelabels.⁣

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