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Kadence! How sweet is she?!

Kadence! How sweet is she?!

Kadence! How sweet is she?!

This little girl is not only cute; but a determined fighter too! S

he has (4) conditions that she outshines every day: Down Syndrome, Hemihypertrophy, Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome & BWS.

Here's a little from her Mom describing how little steps measure up to big accomplishments!

“Kadence goes through quite a bit on a daily basis to "keep up with the pace," if you will. She has needed a few assistant devices along the way, such as Knee Mobilizers, Orthotic's to AFO's, and a Walker, to mention a few. We work with therapists on a daily basis and with specialists on a very regular basis to help her be able to be the best she can be with each milestone. These do not come so easily with the hypotonia, (aka low muscle tone), amongst the many other challenges that comes along with her rare complex condition. Kadence never stops trying, never gives up and is always ready to pick herself back up with smiles and determination. She never ceases to amaze us.

Although struggle is apart of her story, it is not what defines her. We like to focus on the success in her story, for we know her story may be different but we also know it is filled with capability, bravery and significance.

Her milestones (have) taken her lots of hard work and determination - Proof that a little progress each day, adds up to big results!" 

- Kadie's mom

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