Our Extra Lucky World

Our Extra Lucky World

This sweet boy is Leo. 

His Mama Lisi (@ourextraluckyworld) answered a few questions for us today. Hope you enjoy learning about Leo and his strong Mama's mindset as much as we did!  

Leo from @ourextraluckyworld on Instagram

Tell us, what amazes you about Leo?

Leo is a ham and he knows it. It amazes me how he acts just like any other typical 3 year old, causing mayhem wherever he goes, yet he knows the right times to stop his mischief and give those around him his sweet loving hugs.


What it's like to be a special needs parent?

When I got pregnant with my second child, I thought it would be a piece of cake, given that it wasn’t our first rodeo. Getting the news that he would be born with Down Syndrome erased everything I thought I knew about parenting. It was like starting a book you had read before, but finding out it was in a different language. You knew what the book was about, but you couldn’t read the words without help.


Do you have any advice to share to new parents on a similar journey?

Leo has taught me to take it one day at a time. I’m not saying you should throw all planning out the window, but you don’t need to have the next two or three years of your child’s life completely planned out. Let them guide you while you guide them.


Are there any misconceptions you'd like to address about Leo or his diagnosis?

Leo may not verbally communicate what he wants to say, but we know he understands everything we tell him and, in his own language, we’re positive he is telling us very important things. We need to continue helping him vocalize what he wants to say and wait for the day he can say it to us....because we know that day will come. All in his own time.

Leo from @ourextraluckyworld on Instagram

What has Leo taught you so far about life, or about yourself?

Leo has taught us patience. He has taught us that good things come to those who wait. Most importantly, he has taught us that the scariest surprises can sometimes be the best ones!


Do you have any wishes for Leo's future?

I hope Leo’s future consists of others looking at him as a person and not his diagnosis. I want them to see what we see first and foremost: a sweet and extremely funny boy who just wants to explore the world and live it the way that makes him happy.



Thank you Lisi!  We have that same dream for Leo too - and together, by advocating for our sweet kiddos on social media, we believe we really can shatter those walls and negative stigmas surrounding our kiddos with disabilities. 

If you agree that Leo is the cutest thing EVER, or have any comments for him or his amazing mother Lisi, please share them in the comments below!  Also, to follow Leo on Instagram, you can do so by clicking here or searching for them @ourextraluckyworld.

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