10 Facts About Harper

10 Facts About Harper

Meet Harper.

Did you catch that dimple she has too? She's such a cutie - even with a little bedhead! And those glasses are 👌🏼perfect!


Here's 10 facts about her:

1.) She had Open Heart Surgery at 4 months old and only spent 5 days in the hospital! She was such a fighter. And she still is!

2.) She got glasses when she was 1 but we didn't realize how bad her vision actually was until she was 2. She's kept her glasses on ever since. 

3.) She LOVES to sing and dance. She learns the best through song. We make up songs on a daily basis!

4.) She's a big sister to Brooks. He's 3 and calls Harper his best friend.

5.) She is fully included in her Kindergarten class. 

6.) She's learning to read! 

7.) She LOVES movies! Tangled, Home Alone (😋), Minions, Inside Out...

8.) She hates wearing her backpack. She makes our neighbor friends carry it for her.

9.) She rides a big school bus with typically developing friends every day to school.

10.) She always says please and thank you and takes a bow after a karaoke performance!


- Harper's mom, Kaiti

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