Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy.

Lucy has a terminal genetic condition called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa and has recently begun a body positive modeling career.

She is an advocate for herself and the disability community. Recently she completed a Ted Talk to discuss the stigmas surrounding visible disabilities.

“There is no cure for my condition and the life expectancy is 18. I am now 20. Hopefully through my advocacy, enough awareness will be raised that funds for a cure are possible and doctors can erase the “terminal” label from my file.

I am proud of every scar, because without them I wouldn’t be here. I won’t allow myself to be defined by them or the stigmas surrounding disabilities.

I am my own person outside of my condition, outside of my scars. I love them because they are me, and I am proud of everything I have and will overcome.” - @lucy_bealll

Please give Lucy a follow today @lucy_bealll By the way, this picture of her is part of Sophie Mayanne’s ‘Behind the Scars Project’ (@behindthescars_) ♥️

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