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December 13, 2020 2 min read

Meet Marie-Claire — the inspiration behind My Magic Bottle Of Emotions, an inclusive children’s book written by a fellow Williams Syndrome Mom. After having difficulty finding books about emotions that resonated with Marie-Claire, Katherine (@katherine_bauch) approached her friend, Bethany (@bethany_ramos) about collaborating on a children’s book. Not too long after, My Magic Bottle Of Emotions was written and published by @sbgpublishing. Read below for a great summary of the book:⁣ ⁣ “Kids feel things so deeply that, a lot of times, it catches parents off-guard. But there's a way to give kids back their power by helping them find their voice. My Magic Bottle of Emotions explores twelve everyday emotions in a way that's meaningful for young children, using colorful language and illustrations. ‘When you're feeling shy, you're PINK 💗: pink prickles, throat tickles, bashful, quiet, invisible. When you're feeling disappointed, you're BLUE 💙: blue, a lost shoe, let down, confused, frustrated.’ By the end of this imaginative book, a child will associate emotions with familiar colors, have a better understanding of how emotions appear, and, most importantly, feel safe to let their colorful emotions POP! out of their "magic bottle" so they don't get trapped inside.” - @mymagicbottle⁣ ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ⁣ I’m excited to announce that My Magic Bottle of Emotions is now available on Outshine Labels! Purchase a SIGNED copy of the hardcover version by this Tuesday, December 15th to ensure you get your order by the 25th! @outshinelabels Click the link in my bio to see inside this colorful and fun book that’ll surely to be a favorite in your child’s library. I know Ava (and Stella!) enjoy saying the catchy phrase: “Bubble, bubble, fizz, pop!” every time we read it! @outshinelabels

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