Diagnosed with William's Syndrome at 20

Diagnosed with William's Syndrome at 20

Meet Randi.

She was diagnosed at the age of 20 (!) with Williams Syndrome; the same condition my daughter Ava was diagnosed with.

This is a long, but good story! 

One of the qualities that people remember after looking up this condition and its' characteristics, is their very endearing personality & intense level of happiness...they seem to be non-stop happy!

In fact, when I was getting over the depression, this is what kept me going. I actually started dreaming new futures with a non-stop happy little girl, making all of us around her non-stop happy, happy, happy! What more could I ask for?!

So when I found Randi - a 34 year old adult woman with Williams Syndrome, I couldn't wait to talk to her! 'Yes, I thought! A peak into the future!'

Outshine: "Hi Randi! How are you? How has life been so far?"

Randi: "Life has been challenging. I didn't find out till I was 20 that I had Williams Syndrome; it turned my world upside down. I'm thankful for all the ups and downs I have faced, they have made me stronger. I've been through a lot of heartache and pain that no one should ever go through."

Outshine: (a little taken aback) "Oh goodness. You are right. No one should ever go through heartache & pain. What do you want to share with people about Williams Syndrome?"

Randi: "The one thing I want everyone to know is that people with WS go through things just like everyone else, but it's a harder blow."

Outshine (me not wanting to hear this...) "So how did your parents learn of your diagnosis?"

Randi: "Well there was a news broadcast on TV about WS and our friends called us and was like: 'I saw this show and what they were listing off sounded just like Randi; you should go get her tested.' 'No', 'No',...and then someone else said the same thing...'No', and then finally our friends from out of state called us & said the same thing & (my parents) were like: 'Ok, Ok, we will go get her tested' and sure enough; it was positive."



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