My heart is shattered right...

My heart is shattered right...

Shop to Support!     My heart is shattered right now. 💔 Though we never met in person, Indy was loved by us and anyone who knew her story and family. Even if most of us were just “internet friends”. ⁣

Praying for you all, Terah. Sending you so much peace and love. ❤️ Indy will always be with you and I hope the Garden Markers we made of her still circulate this world and continue to spread her light.⁣

Here’s a post written by her mother, Terah (@terahbelle):⁣

“She came to a body with limitations because she herself is limitless. She is one of the greatest daughters of love God has ever created”⁣

Indy Llew ✨ ⁣

Our beautiful girl is free. She transitioned last night in the blink of an eye, in her mommies arms with daddy right beside her. She opened her big brown eyes and looked directly into mine, as she took her last breath at 11:11. A time of angels & a time for mommy 🤍 ⁣

The day was hers. She woke up requesting dinna ☺️ she ate her favorite soup, sipped her coconut water, had us laughing through tears as she told us all the things she wanted to do that day- like go on an airplane with grandma Kat to our Rico home, and go to the beach with her snacks and towel, and have a pizza party ❤️ ⁣

Indy was in control. She left in her own special way. It happened fast. It was peaceful. And it was hard. I am so, so proud of her. ⁣

Thank you for loving our little girl. I have never known this kind of pain but I’ve also never known this kind of triumph. My Indy Llew has changed the world.⁣

Wherever you are, at 11:11 pm tonight we invite you to step outside with a candle, a light, a prayer, a song, whatever makes you feel Indy- and help us light up our world for her. Let’s show her how much we love her... and take a moment to feel her 🤍⁣

Indy Llew, we love you baby girl. So so much.” - @terahbelle #indyllew
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