"Never judge a book by its cover."

"Never judge a book by its cover."

“My name is Rory I’m 25, I’m Scottish, & I was born with a birthmark called a venous malformation on my upper lip & right cheek, which I have had around 20 operations on to reduce the size of it.

Growing up I had to endure a great deal of prejudice & mental abuse which by the time I had reached my teenage years had completely shattered my confidence.

I was very shy & I felt like I was living a never ending nightmare.

People told me that I was ugly.

People told me that they would kill themselves if they looked like me.

People told me that I would never achieve certain things in life, & because my confidence was so low I started to believe them.

I have now achieved everything & more that people told me that I wouldn’t, & I continue to achieve more things that a lot of people don’t think that people who look “different” would be able to do or would have the confidence to do.

With strength & positivity I have completely overcome the adversity that I faced in the past, & I want to show everyone that you can get through any low points that you might experience in your lifetime & you can achieve ANYTHING that you set your mind to.

At one point I thought that I was always going to be unhappy & shy, but here I am now happier & more confident than I ever thought I would be.

Prejudice is a horrible thing, & nobody should ever be unfairly judged or subjected to abuse purely because of what they look like, their race, their sexuality or any other reason.

There are people who have been killed due to being prejudiced, there are people who end their own lives due to being prejudiced, & there are people who just aren’t comfortable in their own skin all because of the prejudice that they have to face which is absolutely heart breaking.

We live in a very multi cultural & diverse world & nobody should be made to feel like they don’t belong here.

Diversity is a beautiful thing which should be celebrated & I am determined to do my best to help & inspire others.

Never judge a book by its cover.” - @VMRory1993

You’re awesome Rory! I love your attitude & every.single.word.you.said ♥️ Thank you for sharing via @behindthescars_ created by @SophieMayanne
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