Siblings of special needs children need attention, too

Siblings of special needs children need attention, too

Siblings of Special Needs Children need love & attention too!

It definitely adds another level of complexity to creating that strong, sweet family we're all trying so hard to build.

Oakley is the mother of Welles (and Scarlett & Ames). Here's a little of what she wrote in regards to finding a balance in all of this:

“Having a child with special needs can take its toll, for sure. I usually dwell on the positives on social media, because in all honesty, it mainly IS positive for our family. We truly enjoy Welles and his little differences that only make our family better.

BUT, there are some little struggles involved in this journey.

Lately, specifically, I often worry about my other kids and their feelings as their middle brother gets much of our time and attention. Not even just ours, but strangers, physical/speech/occupational therapists, doctors and friends all seem to give Welles a little more attention and love than our other kids. He steals the show most places we go and that is something we all love to watch.

But there are moments that I see it's effect on Scarlett, even in the smallest ways. Thankfully she never takes it out on Welles or lets it strain their relationship. She usually takes it out on me to be honest. And I'm okay with that because I know she needs to process those little feelings that run so deep.

Sometimes, when a therapist is over working with Welles, or a neighbor is stopping by and gives him some love, she interrupts to show them a trick or a toy. Any way to get their attention and sometimes it's by misbehaving and/or being rude. It kills my momma heart when I see this and deep down I am begging for them to just pause and give her a few seconds of love or attention.

Many times they do and I usually say a silent prayer of thanks for that person who recognizes the love she needs to feel. Scott and I are very aware of the possibility of her and eventually Ames feeling a little resentment or frustration at times. While I'm almost certain that they wouldn't direct those feelings towards Welles, I want to avoid those feelings as much as we can. 


And I think with some healthy habits, traditions and talks, we can..."

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