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April 17, 2020 2 min read

“There’s something tough that comes with raising a high functioning special needs child. They do nearly everything a typical child does, BUT there is that neurological delay present that no one sees. Most don’t understand. You stand alone in your worries. It’s hard to express concerns when you know how fortunate you are to have a child excelling so well. But they’re caught in between both worlds. I’ve felt discouraged this past month...noticing we are entering a new season with Olivia. But I will continue the fight. The fight to ensure I give her every opportunity she deserves. The fight to continue educating myself so I’m able to raise this special little girl who has carved out her own path in this world.” 🖤 - @lindz_lanterman

There really IS something to this @lindz_lanterman - thank you for bringing it up! First and foremost, please know that you’re allowed to feel all of what you’re feeling. ♥️ And you’re doing a great job!

And to everyone else out there reading, it’s hard, yet important to try to keep in mind that no two disabilities are the same. There’s a spectrum to everything. Many disabilities are invisible...WAY more than what one may think.

So even though you can kinda, sorta, maybe, sometimes, barely even, or just see a little bit of a’s there. And it’s what makes them trickier and even sometimes arguably harder to overcome than what you only see on the surface. There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes for both the individual who has disabilities, as well as the care team put in place to help these individuals become the best that they can be. ♥️ Please give @lindz_lanterman and her beautiful daughter a follow today. ♥️

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