Connected by their genetics counselor

Connected by their genetics counselor

These two! 😍

Did you know they were connected by their Genetic Counselor?

And that now they're BFFs for life...AND their Mamas are too? How amazing is that?! 

Cristy is the Mama of Isabella (Izzy) & Brandy is the Mama of Trooper. They both discovered while pregnant that their babies would be born with Down Syndrome, and their mutual Genetics Counselor suggested that they may want to connect with each other.

Here's the story from Cristy & Brandy:

Outshine Labels: "I had no idea Izzy & Trooper were friends!"

Cristy:  "Yes! And it's a great story too. I had just been given Izzy's diagnosis (maybe a week before) the Genetics Counselor contacted me and said there was another mom also newly diagnosed. She thought we could exchange numbers and just connect. I agreed and it started slowly with an email here and there. But it began to be an amazing sound board for me. I'd never met this woman, but we both knew (& understood) the struggles the other was having and we cheered each other on. Truly an amazing blessing for me. Izzy was born first; 6 weeks early. We finally met when Trooper was born. Since then we've become the bestest of friends. Trooper and Izzy are just amazing together. Besties for life!!"

Brandy:  "To be honest, the fact that Cristy and I met each other is the best thing the Genetics Counselor could have ever done!  From that day forth Cristy and I get messages from our Genetics Counselor to meet more moms just like us. That has been the best blessing besides us having each other to lean on. We both bring great knowledge and education and still learn from each other as we grow!  I love how one chromosome can change someone's life so quickly!"

Perhaps their cute story will inspire you to connect with similar families near you? I know they have me thinking! 😊💗

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