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December 03, 2020 1 min read

“Today we recognize all of the incredible disabled people in the world— over one billion of them. We also acknowledge the pain, the suffering, and lack of basic fundamentals rights they have. And we vow to do better. Swipe through these infographics, take in this information, and remember it. Because this is the reality. This is happening all over the world. COVID-19 unearthed some of the darkest ableist culture we’ve seen in some time. A majority of the deaths related to the virus were disabled people. The time for change is long overdue. I think we’ve been shut away for too long. They can try and try to keep us out of everything, but we’re not going anywhere. This is just the beginning. While we all have different needs, visibility, and accommodations, what we all have in common is living in an ableist world. And what we need is an accessible future. Tap the link in my bio (@thedisabledhippie ) to read the full article I wrote that these infographics were made from. And feel free to add anything you want people to know about IDODP! And please share this to make it as visible as possible. ❤️” - @thedisabledhippie #internationaldisabilityday #disabilityawareness #disabledbodiesmatter #disabilityadvocate #disabilityactivist #disabilityisnotinability #disabilityrights #abelism #idpd #disabilityjustice #disabilityinclusion #disabilitypride #disabilitysupport #disabilitysupport #disabilitycommunity #underserved #disabilitycommunity #minorities #disabledandproud #disabledblogger

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