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July 17, 2019 1 min read

“Victory! 💪🏼 For a year, our son Summit tried to pass the swim test to get into the Big Pool at our Rec Center. Many of the staff there had seen him try and fail several times before and witnessed his distress at not being able to pass. So when they finally gave him the wristband signifying he could get in the big pool, he had several people come up and congratulate him! 😍 As you can see, he was beyond proud of himself!” - @clarks_and_recreation

Way to go Summit! 👏🏼 Thanks for being a good example of how if you apply hard work, determination and perseverance, you can achieve your dreams! We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying summer at the big pool this year! ♥️ Go give Summit a follow today @clarks_and_recreation.


By the way, Summit has Williams syndrome like my daughter Ava - do you see the resemblance? He looks like her big brother if you ask me! 😍

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