W I L L I...

W I L L I...

Shop to Support!     W I L L I A M S S Y N D R O M E ⁣

🖤 What you can see:⁣
• Small, upturned nose ⁣
• Wide, smile ⁣
• Puffy eyes⁣
• Lacy/Starry pattern around the iris ⁣

🖤 What you can’t see:⁣
• Heart and blood vessels conditions ⁣
• Hypercalcemia ⁣
• Abnormal sleeping patterns⁣
• Connective tissue abnormalities ⁣
• Cognitive/developmental delays and challenges ⁣
• Kidney problems ⁣
• High anxiety and depression (especially as adults)⁣

🖤 My favorite part:⁣
• High level of expressive language & keenness to communicate⁣
• Never meets a stranger⁣
• Extremely friendly & empathic ⁣
• Extra musical ability ⁣

Thank you to @ashley.e.woodard for the beautiful model and great post! ❤️💙💚⁣

#williamssyndrome #wsawareness #specialneeds
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