“We knew she was a fighter, and were never going to give up on her."

“We knew she was a fighter, and were never going to give up on her."

“We found out at a 13 week private ultrasound we were having a baby girl, but that there was something seriously wrong.

The man who was doing the ultrasound pulled my dad aside and at the same time told my husband, mom and I to go to the snack room. He said he thought he knew my dad from somewhere and wanted to catch up. 

He told my dad there was something wrong with the baby's brain and I needed to get to the Doctor as soon as possible.

We went out to lunch and I still had NO idea anything was wrong. When we got back to the car, my parents broke the news. My world shattered! It literally started to pour rain as soon as they said it. I was in disbelief. 

I thought "that man didn't know what he was talking about." Heartbroken is an understatement.

I did tons of research that weekend and found out what she had. She had a cystic hygroma and/or hydrops. This was confirmed at the doctor the next week.

They knew there was most likely something genetic, but did not know exactly what. Doctors also suspected a heart defect at that time too. They thought it could be hypoplastic left heart syndrome. 

We went in for our anatomy scan at 18 weeks and the doctor gave us no hope and actually told us a lot of things that were not true, based on our second opinion a couple weeks later. She hinted at believing she had Trisomy 18. This was a Friday. She told me I had until Monday to decide if I wanted to terminate.

We knew she was a fighter, and were never going to give up on her. We had a blood genetic test done that came back positive for Turner Syndrome, as I had already suspected all along.

I continued to get regular ultrasounds; Two a week after 30 weeks because of her lack of growth. 

She was born at 37 weeks by C-Section (after induction resulting in fetal distress) weighing only 3 1/2 lbs. I had steroid shots a few weeks prior and I believe it's one reason she did so well!

She neeeded no respiratory support. I saw her for a couple minutes before they took her to the NICU, then I didn't see her again until around 10 hours later." 

- Kim, Quinn's mom.


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