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December 21, 2021 1 min read

Shop to Support!     We seriously can't get over freaking adorable @meetmayacat is! @allworthyorg just dropped a bunch of new designs (including this literal masterpiece) and are available now!

When you shop @allworthyorg merch, they get 70% of the profits which go to helping make our world more inclusive for kids with disabilities.

Image: The first photo is a close up shot of Maya with her tongue out. Harrison is holding her with a @wildmasterpieces photo of Maya's head in the sky above the wilderness and a smaller Maya sitting down, while holding the real Maya who looks just as awkward as the photo itself. The second photo is a zoomed out shot with Harrison smiling, as he holds Maya.

#Inclusion #MeetMayaCat #CatsOfInstagram #OutshineLabels #DisabilityAdvocacy
Outshine Labels - Marketplace for Disability Advocates. Read our Blog to feel good!

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