About Morgan

From Morgan

"Hello everyone!  I’m Morgan Jane Starkman of Innersense Organic Beauty and I have Williams Syndrome!  But I’m not defined by that; I’m defined by the things I love in my life, like Broadway Musicals, Animals, my Family and going on Vacation!"

From Morgan's Mother, Joanne Starkman: 

"At 22-months, my daughter, Morgan, was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome. This rare, genetic and beautiful condition takes place at the time of conception; 26-28 genes are spontaneously deleted on chromosome #7, ultimately affecting one’s health and intellectual abilities.

At the time of Morgan’s diagnosis, I had many questions. Why did this happen? Was this a result of something I did or was exposed to? Could I have done something differently? I became an avid researcher and detailed label reader to leave no stone unturned.

As a hairstylist, I discovered my exposure to toxic chemicals in the salon placed me at a much higher risk for diseases. According to studies, hairdressers and allied occupations have a higher risk of cancer than the general population. 

I was stunned.  

And, I became motivated.

Not only was it my purpose to create a safe and healthy household for my family, it was now my purpose to care for my salon professional colleagues knowing the toxic environment they worked in everyday.

Over fourteen years after Innersense Organic Beauty was founded, my and Morgan’s story comes full circle. While Greg and I continue to research, formulate and educate our clean, pure and beautiful hair care, Morgan continues to bring joy into our lives and the life of her brother, Max. She is a teacher of love, inclusiveness and compassion and she is our focus during May, which is Williams Syndrome Awareness Month.

Thank you for celebrating Williams Syndrome Awareness Month with us. Stay tuned for a GIANT giveaway with lots of our friends in the clean beauty space, as well as those cameos from Morgan (on our Instagram)!"

~ With Gratitude, Joanne


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