Why have a store on Outshine Labels?

It's an easy way for special needs families or disability non-profits to make extra money!

  1. Think of it as fundraising, but without the pressure
  2. No expiration dates — you're open 24/7/365
  3. No expensive start-up costs
  4. No monthly expenses to maintain
  5. No employees or experience required
  6. No packaging and shipping orders
  7. No risk
  8. You're not on your own!!!

Instead, you get to sell professionally designed products people will actually want to buy (and wear)! Because what good is an awareness shirt it no one wants to wear it?

Now, the world is your audience — not just those you know. 


The best part? The community

When you sell on our marketplace, you're backed by a whole community of disability advocates who are doing the same. We all drive traffic to the same website — sharing customers and supporters.


Interested? Apply here.