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Dragon The Scaredy Cat Book — SIGNED COPY + FREE STICKER

Dragon The Scaredy Cat Book — SIGNED COPY + FREE STICKER

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Meet Dragon. She’s a cat. A scaredy cat!

Dragon's back legs don’t work, but that’s not what this book is about. It’s about how she feels anxious and scared all the time — and how everything always ends up okay.

This is an exclusive chance to get a copy of both our books, signed by Dragon, herself. Each copy is one-of-a-kind, and only available through Giving Tuesday. Plus, get a FREE mystery Maya sticker!

Based on the true story of Dragon from Instagram’s @meetmayacat family, this book helps normalize differences, calm us down, and remind us how awesome we all are.

Younger children can relate to feeling big feelings, like anxiety, while practicing a real calming exercise while they read. Older children can use the story to feel less alone and learn valuable coping skills. This book is a great way to start conversations about disability and mental health!

Join us in encouraging more conversations, educating more people, and empowering inclusion until everyone belongs.


100% of profits from this book will support


Note: Because the books will be signed by the cats, and because they are cats, signatures may vary. 

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