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This adorable picture book starring Instagram’s @meetmayacat teaches children of all ages to accept those who are different.

This is an exclusive chance to get a copy signed by Maya, herself. Each copy is one-of-a-kind, and only available through Giving Tuesday. Plus, get a FREE mystery Maya sticker!

Written to normalize physical, developmental, and emotional disabilities or conditions of all kinds, this book can open everyone's eyes to the idea that every life deserves love and acceptance. It encourages children to treat others as they want to be treated, and encourages inclusion through the metaphor of a silly little cat.

 Younger children can relate to basic behaviors of a cat (or child) who doesn't look or act like they do, while older children can understand why they should treat others with kindness.

All profits from this book will be donated. Visit for more information.



A fun, simple book about inclusion kids will enjoy
"This is such a sweet book about inclusion and acceptance for my 2.5 year old. It’s a great way to bring up the topic and start the conversation at an early age in a way that a toddler can understand and enjoy. We really love the book." - Vanessa


My students LOVE this book…and Maya! 
"I love the book’s message of acceptance and I follow Maya (and Dragon) on Instagram. I have read it to my students at school who are in first, second, and third grade. They all love the book and frequently ask to hear the book again. I love that it is a quick read, so it’s easy to take a few minutes from our instruction time to read it to them again. The pictures are adorable and the kids love seeing the real Maya, too! They have fallen in love with her just like I did! It has opened up some discussions of how we are all different. I know there’s a book about Dragon in the works and I can’t wait to share that with my students, too!" - Rebecca


An AMAZING way to teach acceptance 
"As a school principal, we have been using this book for the last two years to introduce the concept of acceptance and valuing of all students across our early elementary grades. Children love the book and are quick to acknowledge a clear understanding that everyone is important, special and needs to be value." - B. Gannon


Cute story, great message, beautifully illustrated 
"This is a great book to read to kids. They loved the cute pictures and the story flows nicely. In the world of children's books this is a solid read. However, where this book really shines is the opportunity to lead into a deeper conversation about how people are different and how to appreciate and celebrate all people. While the story's ending stands just fine as it is, it was really nice (even with pretty young kids) to spend a few minutes having an important conversation about being kind and accepting. I also love that buying this book supports great charities (and as I mentioned above, for older kids you can even make that part of the conversation)" - Bill



Note: Because the books will be signed by the cats, and because they are cats, signatures may vary. 

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